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November 14, 2017 Danni Ha

Boho-Chic weddings take details to another level!

From rich colors, to intricate prints, to florals and gems, vibrant rugs, and so much more! A boho wedding is filled with small details that come together to make it lively and exciting, yet calming and pleasing to the eye. Bright pinks, purples, greens, and oranges are blended in a balanced way that makes it all surprisingly easy to look at. It somehow does a lot without doing too much at all. This wide range of colors allows for an immense amount of detail to be incorporated into your wedding.

Add an element of serenity to your special day by hosting it on the beach.

For many people, the beach is where you go for a relaxing vacation. It is a place to unwind and enjoy the sun and water with your family and friends. These are just a few reasons why the beach provides the ideal environment for a special and intimate event – like your wedding. It is simple, clean, and refreshing. Using the beach as a venue for your boho wedding is perfect because it’s charming simplicity complements the different elements of a boho-chic wedding so well.

Boho-chic is a modern trend that is never going out of style!

Boho trends have become the new classic. We always see it in today’s bride’s choice in hairstyles, makeup, clothing, and accessories. Boho is where classy and edgy meet casual, and it allows people to feel fancy and comfortable at the same time! Boho is a style that is very feminine and is sure to make any bride feel like a goddess on her big day in her flowy and floral dress. It is a versatile look, so you can add to it or take away from it as much as you want to fit your personal preferences. It is also a style that is fitting for pretty much any season. You don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to this style. Make planning your wedding a breeze, and go for a boho-chic theme!

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Beach Boho-Chic Wedding Color Palette With Bright Rose Pearl and Bud Green Details | The Pink Bride®


Image Credits:

Bride with Bouquet – Jason Wasinger Photography via Bridal Musings | Invitations – Shae Estella Photo via Ultimate Wedding | Floral Barefoot Sandal – Anushé Low via Fab Mood | Cake – Naomi Kenton Photography via The Bohemian Wedding | Tarts and Cupcakes – Jenni Grace Photography via The Perfect Palette | Boho Wedding Arch – Grace Photography via 100 Layer Cake | Groom – Garreth Barclay via Confetti Daydreams | Cocktails – Courtney Bowlden Photography via Pacific Engagements | Blanket and Pillow Table Setting – Nichanh Nicole Photography via Nichanh Nicole Photography

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