Clean and Simple | A Color Palette Fit For All Seasons

May 4, 2018 Danni Ha

Simple is best

Weddings can be overwhelming enough as they are, so when it comes to choosing colors it never hurts to keep it simple. This color combination of light grey, rosewater, and lapis blue is a perfect mix of neutral and subtle colors that will make your wedding an intimate and serene event. This is also a great combination for brides who are more comfortable with simpler colors and want to skip over all the extravagant details that come with a

It’s all about balance

Balance is important, and these colors are a great balance of light and dark. The beautiful rosewater color is a soft pink shade fit for any bride-to-be to be a beautiful blushing bride on her big day. The lapis blue is an optimal color for a groom. It is bold in the way that black is, but using color in the groom’s suit makes it much more interesting and fun. The contrast between these two colors make them complementary and they each stand out when next to each other. The gray color acts as an in between color that brings everything together.

Perfect for any season

This color palette’s simplicity makes it timeless, and it can be used during any season. It is soft enough for spring, cool enough summer, toned-down enough for fall, and dark and relaxed enough for winter. There’s no going wrong with these colors, so they are ideal for any bride looking for versatile colors that will never go old.


Clean and Simple Wedding Color Palette Inspiration Board With Cool Gray Rosewater & Lapis Blue Details | The Pink Bride®


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Bride and Groom – Lisa Foster Floral Design | Groomsmen – Seera Creative | Bride and | Bridesmaids – Lisa Foster Floral Design | Place Setting – Salt Style & Events | Invitations – Fleetwood Photo & Digital | Cake – LB Floral made by Faith Based Cakes at Marblegate Farm | Aisle – Hillwood at Davies Manor | Ring – Ashley Spangler Photography | Jewelry – Kadee’s Approach Photography

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