Confessions of an Ex-Wedding Planner | Day-Of Necessities

October 11, 2017 Pink Lady Lanna

Introducing Mrs.Jones*: an ex-wedding planner who was in the business for over 15 years and has planned over 100 weddings. Church weddings, outdoor weddings, destination weddings…you name it, she’s planned it. And if something could ever go wrong on the ‘big day’ – it has happened to her and she’s solved it.

After planning so many weddings, Mrs.Jones* knows a thing or two about things you do NOT want to forget on the big day. Here’s her expert list of wedding day-of necessities:

1. Black Socks

Groomsmen Colorful Socks by Pexles | The Pink Bride®

Because there is ALWAYS one groomsmen who forgets a pair of socks. “They’re all lined up and one guy had white socks on in tuxedo pants that were too short! I about lost it”


2. Static Guard

“Don’t leave home without it. I use static guard for everything.”


3. Certain Dri Deodorant

Great for grooms or groomsmen’s’ sweaty palms.

“They would come up and ask how to fix their sweaty palms. They wouldn’t believe how fast it would work when I would roll it on their hands.”


4. Duct Tape

“For either the hemn on the tuxedo trousers or bridesmaid dresses. It’s a quick, fast fix.”


5. A Needle and Thread

Sewing Kit by Pexles | The Pink Bride®

“Unbearably the top button on a groomsmen’s jacket will always come off.”


6. Red Wine Stain Out

“A lot of times guests want to hug the bride…beware of guests with red wine”


7. Safety Pins – All different sizes

Safety Pins by Pexels  | The Pink Bride®

“They come in handy for everything!”


8. Energy Bars

“I encourage breakfast or snacks. When they don’t eat and get lightheaded – they need something quick. That’s when you bring out the energy bars.”


9. A White Pair of Flip Flops or Slippers

“A lot of times brides never thought about bringing a pair of shoes to change into. After the first dance, brides will want to get out of their shoes.”


10. Band-Aids, Tums, Roll Aids, Advil

First Aid Kit by Pexels | The Pink Bride®

“At the reception, even guests would ask me for these things.”


Would you add anything to Mrs.Jones* day-of necessities list? Comment blow to let us know! 

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