Exit Dress Pros and Cons

August 22, 2017 Pink Lady Julie

Wedding exit by Elizbaeth Looney

The more the merrier, or double trouble? When it comes to having an exit dress, opinions vary! One of the most hotly debated trends in weddings is having a second dress that the bride changes into right before leaving the reception. For some brides it isn’t worth the trouble, while others can’t imagine going without one! Here are some pros and cons of having an exit dress at your wedding!

Pro: Two Dresses are Better Than One!

Two dresses means twice the excitement! You get to choose two beautiful dresses to share with your guests on your special day. Imagine their reaction when you step out of the reception in a new and stunning outfit!

Wedding exit by Amy Stuart Photograhy

Con: Double the Price

Obviously, having two dresses means you have to pay for two dresses. If you’re a bride on a budget, purchasing a second dress to just wear for one minute while you walk down the exit line might feel like a waste of money.

Pro: Comfort is King!

While your wedding gown is absolutely stunning and wonderful, it might not be the most comfortable. If you have a long drive to your post-wedding destination (whether it’s home or your honeymoon location), it might be nice to have a more comfortable and understated dress for that.

Wedding exit kiss by Waldorf Photographic Art

Con: Less Time in Your Gown!

You spent a lot of time and money choosing the perfect gown for your special day. You only get one day, maybe 8 hours total, to wear that beautiful gown. Why would you want to change out of it before you absolutely have to??

Wedding exit by The Knot

Pro: Less Conspicuous

By the end of their wedding day, some people feel like they’ve had enough attention. It can get exhausting to be the center of attention all day! If you’re planning on post-reception activities like going to a bar or getting a late night snack, you might feel more comfortable in an outfit that doesn’t scream “I just got married!”

Con: Exit Pictures are Affected

The pictures from your grand exit are some of the most visually stunning and are sure to be cherished forever by you and your family. You probably want to be wearing your wedding gown for that! Think carefully about how you want your exit pictures to look, because that might make your decision on whether or not to buy a second dress.

Wedding exit by J. Michelle Photography

Pro: Best of Both Worlds!

If you love the look of a tight sheath dress but also want to feel like a princess in a ball gown while you walk down the aisle, this is a good way to have the best of both worlds. There are even dress designers who have started making convertible dresses! You can have the ball gown for your ceremony, and then remove it to dance the night away in your beautiful sheath dress.

Wedding Exit by David and Tammy Molnar

Con: It Might Be Unnecessary  

If you’re still on the fence and thinking maybe you want an exit dress just for the comfort of it, remember that it’s not completely necessary. Just as easy as changing into a new dress before your exit is stashing some shorts and a t-shirt in your getaway car and changing in the car, or even having the car drive you around back to your venue to change in your dressing room! This saves you money and is certainly more comfortable than putting another dress on after wearing your gown all day!

Trying to make the decision on whether or not to have an exit dress can be difficult, but hopefully these pros and cons helped get you on the right path. Remember, the day is all about you, so do whatever makes you happy!

Are you going to have an exit dress for your wedding?



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