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August 25, 2017 Danni Ha

Pink Bride #Fitness Friday by The Pink Bride | The Pink Bride®

Happy #FitnessFriday! Today we have two all-star Pink Pros, Lauren Beasley and April Cheek,  giving us their favorite ‘Get Fit Tips.’


Lauren Beasley is the manager of the three Pure Barre studios in Nashville, Tennessee! She also teaches dance at Nashville Dance Center. Living a healthy lifestyle is a priority to Lauren, not only because it makes her feel good, but also to set a good example for her clients and dancers. Lauren lives by her motto: “The body you are in now is the only one you get – so you have to treat it right!”

Workout and Fitness Collage from Pure Barre studios in Nashville, Tennessee | The Pink Bride®

Lauren’s Get Fit Tips

  1. Water, water, water. Drink up!
  2. Live by the 80/20 rule: healthy foods 80% of the time, splurge a little 20% of the time. Never deprive yourself. If you have a craving, get it out of your system and then jump back on the wagon. This will prevent you from spiraling downward into a binge eating session later!
  3. Find a workout that works for YOU, and stick with it. At least 3x a week to see results. Not a fan of hitting the gym? Switch it up with something new. Maybe give Pure Barre a try! 😉
  4. Refuel after your workout. Lean protein is key!
  5. Be consistent in your eating habits and your exercise. Remember, it’s not about a diet, a fad, or a quick fix… it’s a lifestyle!

April Cheek is the General Manager of Club Pilates Indian Lake, a boutique fitness studio that is brand new to the Nashville area. She will be assisting franchise owner, Tom Fielder, in opening up several new locations around Nashville, with the second one opening in Belle Meade on September 28th! April is passionate about fitness, especially Pilates because she has seen and experienced how it vastly improves everyday routines.

Workout and Fitness Collage from Club Pilates in Nashville, Tennessee | The Pink Bride®

April’s Get Fit Tips

  1. Drink Water! – We’ve all heard it before, but it’s worth saying again. Our bodies NEED water! If your goal is to get fit or live a healthier lifestyle, water will be your best friend. Give up the cokes, sugary coffee drinks, and especially alcohol (yes, alcohol). Not only will your waistline thank you, but your wallet will too.
  2. Strengthen that Core – No matter what you choose as your primary fitness regime, you should work in some core exercises every day. Core strength is essential for keeping your muscles and joints properly aligned and in perfect harmony. This will lead to better stability and posture which in turn, protects you from injury.
  3. Cardio isn’t Everything – When most people decide to lose weight, they immediately turn to cardio. Weight lifting and/or resistance training will improve muscle stamina and burn fat in the process. The key to weight loss is a well-rounded fitness routine that will keep those muscles guessing!
  4. Food is Fuel – Adapting to a healthy lifestyle is 80% diet, 20% exercise. When our attitudes about food shift from eating for fun to eating for FUEL, amazing things happen. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the occasional cookie!
  5. Find YOUR Fitness – Fitness obviously requires hard work, but it can also be a lot of fun if you do something you love. Write out your goals, then find a program that will specifically help you accomplish them. If you’re wanting to strengthen your core and tone up, Pilates is an excellent choice!


Photos courtesy of Pure Barre and Club Pilates

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