How to Have a Wedding During SEC Football Season

September 1, 2017 Pink Lady Julie

Those who didn’t grow up in an area where SEC football isn’t a thing might not understand the serious devotion fans have to their team. This devotion is a great thing, but if you were hoping to have a fall wedding, it might cause some issues. When your family and friends are big football fans, you need to plan carefully! Read our tips to find out the best way to have a successful wedding during SEC football season!

1. Set the Date for a Bye Week

Look at your team’s game schedule and set your wedding date for the bye week. It’s the best of both worlds; you get to have your wedding on a crisp fall day and you don’t have to wonder what the score is while you’re trying to say your vows. However, start planning your bye week wedding as early as is humanly possible, because other brides will be doing the same thing and finding a venue/photographer/caterer/etc will become impossible. Seriously. Don’t wait.

Neyland Stadium Engagement by Daisy Moffatt photography

2. Have a Sunday Wedding

If you must have a fall wedding and must have it on a week that isn’t the bye week, consider having your wedding on Sunday! Not only is it often cheaper since it isn’t as popular, but you’ll be able to watch the game on Saturday and then enjoy your wedding on Sunday without any worries. There might be difficulties with this if you’re wanting a church wedding, so check with venues first before deciding on a Sunday wedding date.

Tennessee Volunteers wedding by Shanell Bledsoe

3. Rethink Your Big Wedding Dreams

So you’re set on having your wedding on game day. That means it’s time for you to forget your childhood dreams of a big wedding with all of your friends, family, and acquaintances there to celebrate with you. Brides that live in the south have to understand that there might be a good number of “Regretfully Decline” boxes checked on their RSVP’s when their wedding date coincides with game day, but who says a small wedding is a bad thing? Maybe this is an easy way to trim down your guest list!

Tennessee Volunteers wedding table by Frozen Exposure  

4. Plan For an Away Game

If you’re having your wedding in the same town as your football team (for example, you’re a UT fan and want to have wedding in downtown Knoxville), there are two reasons to have your wedding on the day of an away game. First, less of your friends and family will be attending the game and will therefore be able to be at your wedding. Second, there won’t be any game day traffic. An evening wedding in downtown Knoxville that is happening around the same time the game ends at Neyland… That’s a huge disaster waiting to happen. The traffic can be horrendous, so skip all that drama by setting your nuptials for a day your team is out of town!

tennessee volunteer bride and groom by Frozen Exposure

5. Just Don’t Do It!

Honestly, depending on the level of devotion that your friends and family have to their football team, this might be the best option. As wonderful as fall weddings are, those of us who live in the south know that it’s best to not have one if you aren’t able to secure a bye week date. There’s a golden rule for brides who are part of an SEC football loving family: Never Have a Fall Wedding. You’ll be missing half your guests, you’ll struggle to book a venue during a bye week, and game day traffic can create a literal roadblock for your wedding. Rethink your date and schedule your wedding so it occurs when there are no games to interfere with it!

Football wedding by Details Nashville

You want your wedding to be all about you and your S.O., and you don’t want it to be overshadowed or diminished by the fact that all your guests are either at the football game or wishing they were. By following our tips, you can have a successful wedding without missing a moment of your team’s game! Good luck and Go Vols!


Would you go to a wedding if it meant you had to miss your favorite team’s game?


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