Inspiration For A Stunning Mountaintop Ceremony

February 16, 2018 Pink Lady Julie

If you love the magnificent beauty of nature and agree that not much needs to be done to enhance it for the ideal wedding ceremony, then something similar to this mountaintop wedding might be just right for you and your betrothed! It doesn’t require much decorating; the background is already just about as good as it gets! We’re all for the stunning simplicity of a natural mountaintop ceremony, and these pictures from Kelsey Prater Photography might just convince you that it’s just what you need.

Couple standing together with mountains in background by Kelsey Prater Photography | The Pink Bride®

Take A Hands-Off Approach

Collage of wedding on mountaintop and couple feeding horses by Kelsey Prater Photography | The Pink Bride®

“Hands off” might feel like just the opposite of what you should do when it comes to wedding planning, but for a mountaintop wedding like this, it’s a necessity! You don’t need to change what’s already perfect. Trying to add too much decor will make it feel forced and lacking in authenticity. Work with the space you’ve chosen and let it guide your decisions; you won’t regret it!

But Incorporate Some Personal Flair

Couple at altar made of pampas grass by Kelsey Prater Photography | The Pink Bride®

You don’t want to completely change the space you’ve chosen, but it’s a good idea to add a little something that says “this is where we’re getting married”! This very basic and natural looking addition of a pampas grass alter is a great option. In your photographs, the grass frames you and your spouse so you don’t get lost in the wide expanse of the mountain ranges. Plus, it adds just a little bit of your personality and some fun flair to the ceremony space!

Consider Your Style

Redheaded bride in boho lace wedding gown by Kelsey Prater Photography | The Pink Bride®

While it is your wedding and you can do whatever makes you happy, you might look a bit out of place if you showed up to get married on a mountaintop while wearing a bedazzled ball gown! We recommend something a bit earthier, like this stunning lace gown. It’s the perfect fit for the locale, combining boho beauty with fresh, chic lace. In addition to this bride’s stunning dress, her flowing curls adorned with flowers make her the picture of beauty for her wedding day!

Bring Some Extra Color

Bouquet with roses, wildflowers, greenery, and pampas grass by Kelsey Prater photography | The Pink Bride®

We’ve already established that your venue is perfect as it is, but you can’t forget your bouquet! It adds a fun pop of color to the ceremony and is a great way to tie it together thematically. Consider choosing some flowers that are native to the area you’re getting married in, and the addition of the pampas grass that is seen in the alter is the perfect way to unite the wild of the mountain with your own personal touch.

Make Memories

Collage of couple getting married on flower covered mountaintop by Kelsey Prater Photography | The Pink Bride®

You’re lucky enough to have one of the most unique wedding ceremonies possible; take full advantage of that! Spend all the time you want taking pictures, enjoying the view, and telling your new spouse exactly what they mean to you. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you don’t want to forget a thing, so take your time and live it up!



Photographer: Kelsey Prater Photography

Florist: Rose Moss Designs

Bridal Shop: Loveliest Bridal

Hair: Emily Medley Hair

Makeup: Tori Stewart

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