Sweetheart Table: Pros and Cons

September 14, 2017 Pink Lady Julie

You’ve probably seen them all over Facebook, Pinterest, and every wedding magazine you’ve cracked open. The happy newlyweds are sitting together at a small table, lavishly decorated, just the two of them gazing out upon their friends and loved ones. Sweetheart tables are becoming a huge trend, and it’s easy to see why! But is a sweetheart table right for you and your wedding?

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Pro: They Look Amazing!

The aesthetic of a sweetheart table is on point. The pictures will turn out beautifully and your guests will be awed by the gorgeous display. There are so many different ways to decorate your table and the area it’s in; the possibilities are endless!

Con: They Can Come Across Slightly Elitist

Having a table at the front of the room with just the two of you gazing out over the commoners- I mean guests- can seem a bit holier-than-thou, at least in some people’s eyes. At the very least, it doesn’t feel particularly inclusive.

Pro: People Might be More Comfortable Approaching

Instead of feeling like they’re interrupting a riveting conversation between you and your entire wedding party, guests might feel more comfortable if it’s just the two of you. This is especially true if some kind of announcement has been made letting guests know they are welcome to come and share their congrats with you!

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Con: People Might Not Be More Comfortable Approaching

Having a glammed up sweetheart table visually and physically separates you from your guests. In some cases, this makes guests less likely to come up to your table and chat with you; they feel like you went through all that trouble to be alone and don’t want to interrupt! If you’re ok with walking around the room to talk to your guests then it’s not problem, but don’t assume everyone will come up to your table.

Pro: You Get More Time With Your New Spouse!

Since your whole wedding day is all about the marriage between you and your sweetheart, you should get to spend a little bit of time with them, shouldn’t you? The craziness of wedding planning and the actual wedding day can make it hard to spend good one-on-one time with your fiance, and a sweetheart table gives you an opportunity to do just that! In between thanking guests for attending and stuffing your face with food (because you’ve been starving all day and too busy to eat), you have some quiet time to just talk with your new spouse.

Con: You Get Less Time With Your Wedding Party

The bridesmaids and groomsmen just spent weeks or months helping you pull together your perfect wedding, and now that it’s finally here, you aren’t going to spend any time with them? Obviously the day is about you and your betrothed, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to spend time with friends and family on your wedding day! Having a head table instead of a sweetheart table fixes that issue, allowing your bridal party and maybe even your family members to sit with you during the reception. I’ve seen some great pictures taken with the seating arrangement as well, so don’t assume having a head table will ruin your pictures!

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There’s plenty of both pros and cons as far as a sweetheart table is concerned, and it completely depends on you, your wedding party, and your wedding! You should always choose whatever makes you happy because, remember, it’s your special day!


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So, what do you think? We want to hear your opinion! Would You Have a Sweetheart Table?


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