The Guide To The Tranquil Wedding Of Your Dreams

November 15, 2017 Pink Lady Julie

“Tranquil” and “wedding” are not two words that you often see together. “Stressful” and “overwhelming” are more along the lines of the words most people use to describe their special day, and that is unfortunate! Nobody wants to be stressed about anything on their wedding day, so if you’re looking for a day of simple beauty, relaxation, and tranquility, you don’t need to go to a spa, you need to choose a wedding venue like Drakewood Farm! It has everything you need for the ideal romantic setting: rolling hills, an antebellum house, and one of the coolest aisles ever! Look at our tips below so you can have the gorgeous and tranquil wedding of your dreams!

1. Prepare For Tranquility

Ace Photography | The Pink Bride®

Preparation is everything when it comes to have a fun and relaxing wedding. Start your wedding planning as early as possible, and keep all of your notes and information organized! Having your wedding day game plan created and clearly written out for yourself and your vendors is the best way to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently, which is necessary for tranquility. The Pink Bride offers tons of planning tools that are specifically created to help you plan so your perfect day goes without a hitch!

2. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Ace Photography | The Pink Bride®

Obviously, you want everything to go perfectly on your big day! But, realistically, you can expect some minor things are going to go wrong, and it is completely out of your control. When this happens, remind yourself that it’s ok, you’re here to marry the love of your life, and this issue isn’t going to stop that from happening. If it’s something that you can easily fix, then go for it! If not, don’t sweat it. There are more important things to worry about on your wedding day!  

3. Choose the Right Crew

Ace Photography | The Pink Bride®

You can’t do everything on your own! Surrounding yourself with friends, family, and wedding professionals who you know will be ready and eager to help you on your wedding day is so important! From pinning stray hairs to making sure everything is set up right at the reception, a competent crew is a requirement for a stress-free experience.

4. Find a Venue That is Conducive to Tranquility

Ace Photography | The Pink Bride®

Choosing the right venue is key to being able to have a relaxing and enjoyable wedding day. If you’re happy with your location, everything else will fall into place! A venue like Drakewood Farm is the ideal spot for your tranquil wedding; I mean, just look at it! Their wooded ceremony location is so dreamy and romantic, and the antebellum era house is the ideal photo backdrop. When picturing the perfect tranquil wedding locale, Drakewood Farm is exactly what comes to mind.

5. Breathe… and Enjoy

Ace Photography | The Pink Bride®

Wedding days don’t come around very often, so make sure to take it all in and truly enjoy yourself. So many couples say that the stress of their wedding made it hard to enjoy, or that it felt like the day flew by and then didn’t have time to really soak it all in. Don’t let that happen! Take the time to pause and appreciate how beautiful everything is, and how hard you and your wedding professionals worked to create your dream wedding. You deserve it!


Weddings are a notoriously stressful endeavor, but it is totally possible to have a day that is all about romance, relaxation, and tranquility! Choosing the right venue, like Drakewood Farm, makes a huge difference, as does surrounding yourself with wedding professionals who know how to create a perfect day for you! So start your planning now, and you’ll certainly be able to achieve the tranquil romantic wedding you’ve always dreamed of!


Featured in the Fall 2017 Nashville Pink Bride Magazine


Venue: Drakewood Farm

Photographer: Ace Photography

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