The Ultimate Bridesmaid Gift List

March 9, 2018 Pink Lady Julie

Being a bridesmaid is hard work. After all the work your girl gang puts in to make your day special, they definitely deserve a nice surprise. . Enter, the perfect bridesmaid gift! With all the wedding planning you don’t have unlimited time to choose gifts, so allow us to make your life easier with our ultimate bridesmaid gift list!


Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume | The Pink Bride®

Perfume is always a great gift! You can choose one wonderful scent for all of your ladies or pick out different scents to match each of your friends’ unique personalities. Either way, you’ll all be happy and smelling good on your wedding day!


Marc Jacobs Daisy Rollerball – $27


Kate Spade Initial Necklace | The Pink Bride®

A simple piece of jewelry, like this Kate Spade initial necklace, is a wonderful gift for anyone! It allows everyone to have something slightly different but still unified, and it can be worn regularly long after your wedding day. They’ll be grateful for years to come!


Kate Spade Initial Pendant – $58 | Similar Initial Disc Necklace – $25+


Tote Bags

The Knot Shop Greenery Tote Bag | The Pink Bride®

Let’s be honest, your bridesmaids probably have lots of stuff they need to bring to your wedding! Make their lives easier with this tote-ally awesome tote bag that can also be customized with their initials. Cute and practical!


Tropical Leaf Print Canvas Tote – $13.99 + $6.95 personalization fee



Sugarfina Bridesmaid Candies | The Pink Bride®

Pop the important question in the best way: with candy! These Sugarfina candies with the question “Will you be my bridesmaid?” is by far the tastiest bridesmaid gift on this list and such a fun way to ask your ladies to stand with you on your big day!


3pc Candy Bento Box – $26


Makeup Bag

MISSWITHIT Etsy Makeup Bag | The Pink Bride®

A makeup bag is always a useful gift! Even if your friend isn’t one to use makeup, who says it can’t be used to hold snacks?? Makeup bags are multi-purpose! And this bag with its fun message is sure to be a hit with your friends.


You’re Like, Really Pretty Makeup Bag – $19.99+


Novelty Handkerchiefs

No Ugly Crying Handkerchief from SnotBad Etsy Shop | The Pink Bride®

Hopefully, your bridesmaids take the advice of this adorable handkerchief and don’t cry into it! It’s way too cute for makeup stains, don’t you agree? Either way, this is such a funny, cute, and fitting gift for the women who have been there to support you every step of the way.


No Ugly Crying Handkerchief – $10+



Plum Pretty Sugar pink robe | The Pink Bride®

Robes are the #1 most comfy thing you can possibly wear, and nothing can convince me otherwise! If your friends are anything like me, they will genuinely be ecstatic over the gift of a nice robe. Plus, you can all wear your matching robes while you get ready for the wedding, creating a super cute picture!


Hibiscus Robe – $78


Coffee Mugs

Coffee is my BFF travel mug from Bando | The Pink Bride®

Give us all the coffee! For real though, you can never have too many coffee mugs, so feed your friend’s caffeine habits with one of these adorable travel mugs! The words might be a lie though; clearly, you are their BFF for giving them a vessel to hold their precious coffee!


Deluxe Hot Stuff Thermal Mug – $18


Face Masks

Just to Clarify facial mask from Lush | The Pink Bride®

Face masks are fun and useful! To keep yours and your bridesmaids’ skin fresh and happy before and after the wedding, consider the gift of a face mask! Lush has so many options for all natural face masks that cater to a variety of skin types. So throw your ladies a pre-wedding sleepover, face masks and all!

Just To Clarify Jelly Mask – $13.95

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