Why We Love Outdoor Weddings

January 24, 2018 Pink Lady Julie

As much as we enjoy indoor weddings, and although indoor means you don’t have to worry about the weather, there is just something to be said about outdoor weddings! The fresh open air, the gorgeous scenery and perfect photographs, and the simple fact that you aren’t crammed inside a building makes outdoor weddings a favorite for us. Not sure which would work best for your big day? Keep reading to see why we love weddings that take place in the great outdoors, and maybe you’ll share our opinion!

They Allow for the Best Pictures

Bride and groom kissing silhouetted against sunset with fireworks in background by Rae of Light | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com

Sure, you can get good pictures indoors, but you can’t get a picture of you and your new spouse silhouetted against a sunset with fireworks in the background, can you?? It’s an undeniable fact: outdoor pictures are better. The talented photographer Rae from Rae of Light is proof of that with her stunning images of this outdoor hilltop wedding. The pictures are one of the most important aspects of your weddings; they’re how you remember it for the rest of your lives! You want them to be beautiful, so consider making your wedding outdoors to give yourself the best pictures possible.

They Practically Decorate Themselves

Outdoor wedding on hilltop with mountains in background by Rae of Light | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com

You have to do very little decorating for an outdoor wedding because nature already decorated itself! Depending on your venue, you might just need to add chairs and an altar and then let the location do the rest of the work! Not only does this make your life easier and your wedding more affordable, it creates a very natural and casual look that is really appealing. Who wouldn’t want the beautiful mountains and bright blue sky to be the backdrop to their wedding? We certainly would!

They’re Never Boring!

Outdoor wedding ceremony taking place in the rain by Rae of Light | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com

Unpredictable weather may be a downside to outdoor weddings to some, but think of it this way: your wedding won’t be boring! We love that this couple smiled through the rain, and they ended up with some unforgettable and unique photographs. Plus, getting kissed in the rain is every girl’s dream!

There Are No Rules

Bride and groom kissing at sunset in open field by Rae of Light | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com

Well, there are probably some rules, but less than an indoor venue! Meaning you can have as many guests as you want, they can be seated in whatever way you prefer, and you can have fireworks and sparklers! The chances of finding an indoor venue that allows fireworks is pretty slim, to be honest.

They Are Simply Gorgeous

Couple at rustic outdoor wedding and hay bale with flowers by Rae of Light | The Pink Bride® www.thepinkbride.com

If these incredible pictures from Rae of Light haven’t convinced you that outdoor weddings are stunningly beautiful, then nothing will! Even with the possibility of bad weather, the positives of an outdoor wedding far outweigh the negatives. Give you and your partner the gift of an outdoor wedding; you won’t regret it!


Photographs courtesy of:

Rae of Light Photography Works

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